About Us

Welcome to BouncyCastlesUK, a website dedicated to offering advice and guidance to bouncy castle business owners, as well as looking at some of the news surrounding the inflatable industry. It is our hope to provide you, the readers with information spanning a wide array of subjects, helping you to improve your business and ultimately, generate greater profits.

We have posts along the following categories:

  • Bouncy Castle Marketing Advice
  • Bouncy Castle Business Advice
  • Bouncy Castle Safety Advice
  • Inflatables Maintenance Advice
  • Types of Inflatables

We started by giving advice to budding young entrepreneurs forming their own bouncy castle business, providing them with the important information to consider, and the pitfalls to avoid. From this we have added many posts on how best to market your business, ensuring that you maximise your exposure and secure more bookings. We have even touched upon administrative tasks such as bookkeeping and management.

Safety is always a concern and we strive to provide guidance (although not legally binding) on how to maintain a safe operation, whether it is setting up your inflatables or ensuring that your products meet the industry standards and are regularly tested by authorised, relevant persons.

We also provide information on types of bouncy castles and other play equipment, be it slides, dome tents or sporting set-ups and offer advice on which may be worth purchasing if you are planning to expand your offering. You will also find guidance on how to maintain your inflatables and repair them if needs be.

We base all of our posts on hard earned experience running and operating bouncy castle businesses, relying upon our contacts within the inflatable to identify upcoming trends and insight into which types of inflatable may be popular and more general industry news.

Ultimately, we hope you enjoy using BouncyCastlesUK and reading our posts, naturally; if you ever have a question or query, please get in touch.

The BouncyCastlesUK Team

1 Response to "About Us"

Just want to say a massive well done! This website is awesome for people starting up in the business. I have bookmarked this site and will definitely use again. Some great advice on here. Many thanks.

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