Bouncy Castle Business Tips – Insurance

Posted on: March 30, 2012

If you run a bouncy castle business then it is highly likely that at some point you will have somebody injure themselves on your equipment. This is an unfortunate truth of business and the reason why it is so important to obtain the right insurance product. The correct bouncy castle insurance provides you with protection, protection from the legal costs associated with an accident that occurs on your bouncy castle or play inflatable equipment.

Insurance is a worthwhile investment but it is also important to understand the types of policy inclusions you will need to consider, these could be…

Public Liability Insurance

This type of cover protects you from the legal fees and compensation that may result from someone becoming injured on your equipment and you being found to be liable for the accident. Typically public liability insurance will insure you up to a certain amount, sometimes around a million pounds.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This is another worthwhile incusing in your bouncy castle insurance policy. This type of clause will provide cover for the work your business carries out and any liability for this. This could include setting up the bouncy castle or inflatable equipment.

Employers Liability Insurance

Perhaps not a concern for those just starting out but as soon as your bouncy castle business has employees it is a wise move to obtain this type of cover. This will protect you if your employees or any sub-contractors have an accident whilst working.

Material Damage Cover

If you buy a bouncy castle you will soon understand that they represent a significant investment. This is why it can be prudent to purchase material damage cover, which will protect your items but also you premises and any ancillary equipment you may have.

As with all insurance it is wise to check through your policy documentation thoroughly to see precisely what you are paying for and what will be covered. Remember to assess any quotes you receive carefully in order to balance the price of the policy against the cover it provides. Get this balance right and you are providing your bouncy castle business with protection and yourself with peace of mind.

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