What Do You Need to Start A Bouncy Castle Business?

Posted on: January 9, 2012

If you think running a bouncy castle hire business is the right choice for you and your lifestyle it is worth considering the equipment you are going to need to fulfil your first booking. The items listed below should provide you with the essentials you need to run your business, at least in the beginning.

First and foremost you are going to need a bouncy castle or play inflatable. Naturally this is a significant investment and as such the bouncy castle you choose should be an affordable size; typically a twelve by twelve foot bouncy castle will be suitable for your first bookings. (Purchasing bouncy castles and the importance of quality in any items you purchase will be explored in later posts).

To keep your bouncy castle inflated you will need a blower. Blowers come in a range of sizes and powers and can also be powered by petrol or electricity. Electric blowers are usually more common as they are quieter and lighter although if you are planning to take bookings in outdoor areas then it can be worth choosing a petrol blower.

In addition to the bouncy castle and blower it can also be worth buying other accessories for your inflatable. A ground sheet can be helpful, particularly when you are setting up on damp ground as it prevents the inflatable from getting wet. Similarly a rain cover can be a prudent investment, allowing you to continue the fun even in the event of a downpour. It is also likely that you will need an extension lead (if you are running an electric blower) and also a trolley to allow you to move your equipment around easily.

Other essential items are concerned with safety. As a responsible owner of a bouncy castle hire business it is worth investing in safety mats to surround the entrance to your bouncy castle to prevent bumps if children fall out. Additionally, stakes or sandbags to secure your bouncy castle are also an essential investment. From a legal standpoint, make sure you have public liability insurance to protect your from claims if an accident occurs.

The final items you will need are concerned with the administration of your business. Buy an accounts ledger in order to keep accurate records, a diary to ensure that you stay on top and organise your bookings and also some company stationary (such as business cards) to network whilst at bookings.

These items should be enough to get started, as your business grows you can invest in other items but when starting out, this list should be sufficient.

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