Using Email for Your Bouncy Castle Business

Posted on: November 9, 2011

Email has become one of the world’s most important communication mediums. It is fast, easy, cost effective and can save your business masses of time. By failing to use it effectively for your business you may be missing a trick, but how do you make sure you’re using it right?

First and foremost, make sure you collect email addresses from your customers. This can be done through your website although equally you could place a space for it on feedback forms or take it as a matter of course when taking bookings. By collecting emails you are building a set of contacts, contacts that you can communicate with for marketing purposes.

As alluded to previously, your website is a great way to harvest email contacts. This can be done with a simple contact form on your website that lets potential clients submit a query without the hassle of phoning.

You can use email for many aspects of your business, from taking bookings in the first place, to providing booking confirmation and also thanking customers after the booking has been completed. In the longer term having a repository of email addresses allows you to send out email communications, promoting special offers and discounts.

If you are going to use email to communicate with your customers however there are a number of key pointers worth considering.

First and foremost take into account data protection laws. As email has grown so has legislation surrounding the use and sharing of customer data and today’s consumer now expect their data to be handled in a secure and trustworthy way. As such you should ensure that all email addresses you use are stored privately and confidentially so that you adhere to current legislation.

Always make you emails clear and concise. When people receive emails they very rarely want to read an essay so your emails should be simple and straight to the point. Make sure that the information is laid out in a way that is scannable and try to use short, sharp sentences. Also, create subject lines that mean something, “A Quick Hello from BouncyBounce” does not relate to the content of the message whereas “Your Booking Confirmation from BouncyBounce” does.

The purpose of email is that it is a swift and easy communication tool and subsequently when you receive emails from customers don’t leave them sitting in your inbox, reply as soon as possible, ideally the same day so the customer is not left wondering about their booking.

Finally for all its benefits email remains a rather impersonal form of communication and as such if you ever receive a complaint via email you should make the effort to phone the customer in person or even to organise a face to face meeting in order to resolve the issue. There is still a great deal of truth in that bad service spreads faster than good service, so always resolve complaints swiftly.

Using email can be a cost effective, fast and simple way to communicate with your customers. As long as you do it properly it can be a valuable asset for your bouncy castle hire business.

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