Making Money in Winter: Part 3 – Discounts & Offers

Posted on: November 4, 2011

So far in this series on ways your bouncy castle business can make money over winter we have looked at promotional strategies to emphasise your indoor capabilities and also money making avenues you may not have previously considered. Until this point however the issue of discounting your prices has not been discussed, nor has the other promotions you could run to increase bookings at this time.

How much to charge during winter?

Ultimately, if you are going to discount your charges how much to discount by is entirely your choice. Naturally when allowing for discounts you must at the very least make a profit, you may also want to base it upon how many bookings you have and the necessity to secure bookings. Typically a discount of 10%, 20% or even 25% can be great head turners and help to bring in new business.

Discounts are just one of the ways it is possible to entice people to book, there are other ways it is possible to give customers a special offer.

Extra items

Rather than give a discount on the overall bouncy castle hire price another option is to throw in a free item when they book. For example, if a customer hires a bouncy castle, you may want to offer the free hire of a ball pool to sweeten the deal, particularly if your ball pool isn’t booked at the time.

Additional Time

If you are slow on bookings there is no harm to give your customers additional time for their hire. For example, you could offer two days hire for the price of one or all day hire for the price of half a day.

Multiple Hire Discounts

You may wish to consider giving your customers a discount if they hire more than one item, this could be anything from hiring one bouncy castle and getting another free or hiring a bungee run and get a gladiator duelling set for half price.

Loyalty Offers

Another tactic is to give your customers a significant discount if they hire more than once from you over the winter. This could be 30% off if a customer books twice between November and February, you may even want to carry this discount on into the summer season, say for the period of 12 months to create repeat business.

In these cash strapped times there is considerable opportunity to provide your services at a discount rate and still ensure that you are busy enough to make serious profits. Providing such discounts can also help you to build customer loyalty and generate a good reputation in your locality. With a little imagination on what you can give for free or where you can provide discounts it is possible to keep those booking rolling in during winter and beyond.

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Great tips on keeping busy during the winter period.

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