Tapping into Corporate Christmas Parties with the Right Inflatables

Posted on: November 1, 2011

In a recent post we explored the opportunities of providing inflatables to large businesses and discussed the skills you would need to secure this business. In the post issues such as speaking to the right people, how to conduct yourself at meetings and also the importance of providing accurate quotations were all highlighted. It at this time of year however that such knowledge can be invaluable, businesses and corporations are now starting to think about their Christmas parties and with the right inflatables, you could be on hand to provide the fun for employees.

But what types of inflatables are ideal for Christmas parties? For adults, inflatables are a great way to instil a sense of competition without things becoming too serious; subsequently you may want to consider the following.

Gladiator Duels

This type of entertainment is a great way to pit two workers together in combat without it turning to fisticuffs. The set up typically includes two raised podiums, safety equipment such as helmets, the duelling sticks and also an air bed for when one party has been vanquished.

Pillow Jousting

Another combative option is pillow jousting, less intense than gladiator duels although equally a test of balance for those involved. These inflatables resemble a bouncy castle but will have pole running down the middle for the players to sit upon, the benefit of these is that they take up less room that duelling platforms.

Football Challenges

Increasingly there are numerous football related inflatables coming onto the market. These resemble a fairground stall with 3 sides and a penalty spot. There are two main varieties of this inflatable which include penalty shoot outs, a test of skill where players must shoot a ball through holes at one end of the inflatable and speed cages, which test the power of a player’s shot with a speed camera.

Sumo Suits

Returning to the combative style of inflatable sumo suits are great fun for parties. The competition is less intense than with duelling but the chance to see co-workers rolling around struggling to get up can be immensely entertaining.

Bungee Runs

Whilst they may take up a fair bit of room a double lane bungee run can be a great competition for a staff Christmas party. The purpose of this game is for each player to run as far as they can along an inflatable race track and place a Velcro ball onto a pad at the end. The difficulty here is that each player is tied by a bungee cord at one end.

Surfboards and Rodeos

Another great party event and a supreme test of balance are surfboard simulators and rodeo bulls. Both have an inflatable bed for the players to fall onto; the former however requires users to stand on a surfboard whilst it moves around and the latter requires a rider to stay on a gyrating bull for as long as they can.

These inflatables are the ideal options for Christmas parties and if you have any of these items in your stock then it can be worth approaching businesses with your services. If you do not have these items in your inventory it may be worth considering this type of game inflatable to make the most of corporate opportunities.

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