Making Money this Winter: Part 2 – Alternative Avenues

Posted on: October 28, 2011

If you have read our previous post on ways your bouncy castle hire business can make money over the winter it is likely that you have tried getting your face out there as much as possible in the locality, have spent time contacting previous customers with promotions and have spoken to local business about possible revenue share opportunities. If these haven’t yielded fruit however it may be worth exploring other potential revenue streams that make the most of your attributes and capabilities.

As a bouncy castle business it is fair to assume that you attend plenty of birthday parties for both adults and children so naturally this is key area where you can hope to generate extra revenue over the winter period.

It can be worth considering other party equipment such as chocolate fountains, popcorn or candyfloss makers and hiring these out for parties. Investing in a candy floss machine also opens up the opportunity for outdoor events such as Guy Fawkes Night when you can sell treats to children before, during and after the fireworks.

This time of year there are many different types of themed parties going on and with relatively little investment you can supply themed items ideal for Halloween, bonfire night and even Christmas parties.

Think about investing in a tent which can be used to not only house your inflatables but also to house all manner of different facilities. If you have enough you could obtain a marquee, this will give you the opportunity to host other people’s services such as hot dog makers or stalls which in turn you could charge rent for. If you cannot invest in a marquee you could team up with other companies to afford the rent.

If you fancy getting into the festive spirit then using your themed assets to create a Santa’s grotto can also be a good money spinner in the run up to Christmas. If you’re going to do this though you have to go all out – and remember to be jolly!

If you have a van for transporting your bouncy castles you may want to use this to deliver parcels, particularly in the run up to Christmas. With the growth of internet shopping this has become a lucrative business and could help you see out the winter.

Hopefully these ideas may give you the impetus to find new and interesting ways to make money throughout the winter. You never know, after investigating these alternative avenues you may decide that next season your bouncy castle hire business may form part of a portfolio of businesses which includes party catering equipment hire, marquee hire or even parcel delivery – the opportunities are endless.

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