Making Money this Winter: Part 1 – Promotional Activities

Posted on: October 27, 2011

The winter can be a lean time of year for the bouncy castle business owner. The summer packed full of bookings is long gone and next season’s is even further away. At times it can seem as if the best course of action is to simply hibernate during the colder months. This however is the wrong approach; whilst winter may be the time when revenues are lower; there is still a great deal you can do to make money.

Using technology to your advantage you can set up a list of email addresses from existing customers, you may be able to obtain this when you take bookings on your website. Then you can email them with special offers or discounts or simply send them a newsletter to keep your services fresh in their mind.

Getting adverts in as many places as possible is also worthwhile. You may want to speak to local nurseries or play groups, perhaps offering them free hire of a bouncy castle for the day as long as you can advertise on their bulletin board and hand out flyers to the parents that visit the group.

You could also do this off your own back and hold a local event by hiring a hall, inviting local parents, businesses, schools and groups and using your best inflatables to entice them into hiring over the winter. Once again a few special promotions here and there may assist in securing more bookings.

A good short term strategy is to print marketing literature emphasising the suitability of your inflatables for indoor use. You could then post these flyers or place them strategically so parents and groups in the local area know that your services are still applicable during the winter.

Consider the major events during this time of year, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year. At these times it is vital that you make the most of gatherings of people and social events by speaking to event organisers and offering your services.

Finally, during lean times it can be worth speaking to other businesses such as garden centres. This type of business may agree to have your bouncy castle in-store over the winter as a means of keeping children entertained whilst parents shop, helping the business to attract customers and increase profits. In such instances it may be possible to broker a deal for a revenue share over the winter.

Essentially during the winter it is important that you proactively find ways to make money either by raising awareness of your company or through bartering deals and offering promotions to make additional revenue. Whilst it is tempting to pack up shop at this time of year the winter is precisely the time to be tireless in your efforts.

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