End of Season Evaluation – 4 Areas to Consider

Posted on: October 13, 2011

Hopefully you have had a great season this year, filled with bookings and of course profits. But now the bouncy castle hiring season is coming to a close (save a few Christmas bookings you may have on the cards) meaning it is time to look retrospectively at your business to assess how successful you have actually been this year and where improvements could be made to make the 2012 season even better.

Four areas you may want to look at include:

Your Planning & Strategy

Did you make a season strategy at the start of the year? Did you define what you were hoping to achieve and how to get it? If so how much did you actually achieve according to your plan, what could you say your strengths were this year and where were your weaknesses? Are there any opportunities you failed to spot at the start of the summer and if so how can you make sure that such opportunities don’t slip through the net in the future?

Your Financial Position

Hopefully the season has been kind and you have done well financially this year. Naturally you should have kept up to date and comprehensive accounts to help you evaluate where you may have overspent or under spent. With this information it is possible to learn how you are going to avoid any financial problems in the future.

Your Day to Day Operations

It is unlikely that you have gone the entire season without some form of operational mistakes, perhaps you double booked on occasion, or failed to ensure you had enough time to get from one booking to another. As such this is the perfect time to identify inefficiencies and put in place the procedures needed resolve them.

Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing your services is not a one-off activity and you should now identify areas where your marketing may have underperformed over the past year. Start thinking about your marketing strategy now and how you are going to make the most of every opportunity for the 2012 season.

By considering these points it should be possible to evaluate where you have been successful this year and where you have not. By using this information wisely you should be able to plan for next year, so that you achieve more in 2012.

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