Do You Need to Repair Your Bouncy Castles Before Next Season?

Posted on: October 11, 2011

It’s the eternal question at the end of each bouncy castle hire season. Over the months it is likely that your inflatables have taken a bit of a battering and that now the weather is turning for the worse it is time to pack them up for their winter hibernation. The question remains however, is it better to get your inflatables repaired now, before they go into storage, or at the beginning of next season?

In my opinion the former is the far better option for three main reasons:

  • Firstly, at the end of the bouncy castle hiring season you should be in a much more agreeable financial position to carry out bouncy castle repairs.
  • Secondly, repairing your bouncy castles in addition to the multitude of other tasks you have to do at the start of each bouncy castle season means just added worry and stress.
  • Thirdly, getting repairs and maintenance out of the way now means that once the new season rolls around you can focus on gearing up for taking new bookings and exploring new avenues.

Generally there are two types of repairs you will need to make to your inflatables depending upon the damage in place.

  • Minor repairs consist of small tears and punctures and can be typically repaired using a repair kit. Normally, when purchasing a bouncy castle you will receive a small kit containing replacement pieces of PVC as well as a hand needle and even some form or adhesive. If these kits are used correctly they can be very effective in repairing minor damage.
  • If your inflatables have been severely damaged then slightly more drastic action is required. Using a kit to repair major tears of instances of the seam coming apart is unlikely to be sufficient and subsequently seeking professional assistance can be worthwhile. There are a number of professional repair services out there use specialist techniques to restore and repair inflatables. Ultimately professionals can really help to elongate the life of your items.

If you repair your bouncy castles now you are removing one of the headaches from the start of next season and helping to ensure that they will be ready for inspection in time for the new year. Essentially it is possible to make your life much easier and your business more profitable just with a little foresight and planning.

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