Securing Big Business Bookings

Posted on: September 5, 2011

In a previous post we looked at the benefits of diversifying your bouncy castle business into the corporate world and offering your services to business rather than private customers. With that idea in mind it is important to look at how to deal with businesses and secure those big business bookings.

Firstly it is important to realise that when you are dealing with businesses you need to be speaking to right people. In the majority of instances this will be the person in the company who is responsible for organising entertainment and events; normally carrying a title such as office manager, entertainment secretary or event manager.

Once you have contacted the right people you the need to organise a meeting with them. This meeting is your chance to ascertain the type of products they would like to use and will give you the chance to find inflatables and bouncy castles for sale which meet their requirements and expand your offering. During this meeting remember to be accommodating but do not bend over backwards, recognise your own capabilities and provide them with solutions, not problems.

At all stages you need to portray an air of professionalism. Preparation is a key element of success so prepare paperwork, having the information in front of you will you to answer any questions you may be asked.

Finally, if have to give them a quote do not simply pluck a figure from the air and do not fall into the trap and go for the cheapest price possible, sometimes this can have a negative effect. When quoting look at what is required for the event and calculate your costs to supply it, this will supply the most accurate eventual price.

As a bouncy castle business owner breaking into the corporate events market can be challenging, but with dedication and effective planning it is possible to achieve success.

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