Generating More Business: Using Testimonials

Posted on: August 10, 2011

Within the bouncy castle hire industry a great deal of business is done through the process of recommendation. Word of mouth remains one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal but in this modern age with the greater emphasis upon websites and marketing literature, testimonials provide a way to bring the “word of mouth” feel to your marketing.

Publishing genuine testimonials is a fantastic way to carry recommendations onto your websites or other advertising material, creating trust in your brand and service. They must however be genuine; making up your testimonials is actually illegal and falls foul of the Consumer Protection Act. Not only is it illegal however, it will also ruin any credibility your company has and will be seriously detrimental to your reputation.

But how do you get genuine testimonials?

  • Well there are a number of ways to achieve this. The first is to simply ask your customers, if you are providing the right service you customers should be happy to leave you a message stating they enjoyed the service and would not hesitate to use you in the future.
  • Some people may however require some gentle persuasion, particularly if you plan to publish their image next to their testimonial (which can add yet more credibility), if this is the case you may want to offer incentives such as discounts on future bookings or even a free gift (this can be particularly effective for children’s party bookings).
  • You do not even have to get your customers write out testimonials whilst you are there, if you have a website you can create a web page where it is possible to leave their testimonial; you could even do it over a Facebook page. All this requires you to do is to make your customers aware of it, either by telling them about it, or placing details of it on your receipt.

Testimonials are a great way to secure new business and play to our need for recommendations and reviews whenever we make a purchase.

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