Bouncy Castle Business Advice – Creating Your Hire Agreement

Posted on: July 28, 2011

A key component of running your bouncy castle hire business is ensuring that once you have made your booking, you supply your customer with a hire agreement. The purpose of this agreement is to set out the terms and conditions of hire, so that both parties are in agreement of their responsibilities.

Typically the hire agreement will set out that the hire company has no responsibility for the injuries or damage during the period of the hire, unless of course your company holds events, if this is the case, your companies public liability insurance will be needed.  Normally the agreement will also set out the space and access requirements for the delivery driver.

Typically the hire agreement will also set out the cancelation policy, which normally gives the customer the right to cancel either 24 or 48 hours in advance and gives the hire company the chance to cancel if the weather is too bad for safe use.

Other elements you may want to include in your hire agreement are:

  • The responsibility of the hirer to ensure there is no damage to the inflatable.
  • How delivery is made and further details of the cancellation policy.
  • The process of delivery, pickup and/or set up.
  • Who can use the castle, the recommended age of users.
  • The rules of use i.e. removing shoes, not eating on the inflatable etc…
  • Where the responsibility for the event lies and the recommendation of public liability insurance.
  • The necessity of adult supervision for when the castle is in use.
  • The charges for cleaning or repairs and details of the checking process.
  • Health and Safety considerations such as maximum users, anchoring and weather considerateness.

The hire agreement should also have space to list the equipment being supplied including any accessories and also space for the hirer to sign the document so that it becomes binding.

Having a comprehensive and well thought out hire agreement is key to ensuring that when you hire out your bouncy castle or other inflatable equipment, you are protecting yourself from liability and also protecting your equipment from damage, without one you are putting your entire operation at financial risk.

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