Building your Bouncy Castle Business Plan

Posted on: July 25, 2011

If you are going to gain finance for your bouncy castle business, you may have to visit the bank, or a financial investor. In the world of modern business, to achieve this finance however you will have to gain their trust, and will likely have to produce a business plan to show them that their investment is in safe hands.

An effective business plan will also give you a clearly defined path on which to take your business, providing direction and goals for the years to come. But how do you write a business plan?

Executive summary

The executive summary is your chance to shine and introduce your business idea. It should set out the objectives of your business in both the long and short term, the mission statement for the business and also the factors that you deem are key to the success of your operation.


You must also set out the expected start up to costs in relation to current economic trends and also the way in which you intend to generate revenue, giving an idea of the products or services you are planning to sell. You will also have to present your outgoings and forecasts for potential profits.

Market Analysis

The market analysis is one of the key aspects for any investor as this gives them insight into your chances of success. Subsequently you need to include information on the issues surrounding the market generally, an idea of the competitors in your area and their level of competition toward you and also profiles of your likely customers, be it children’s parties, school fetes or adult events.

Promotional Activities

Typically an investor will also want to see how you plan to market your business and also how you intend price your services so they are competitive in your market. It is also likely that they will want to see a promotion strategy for the launch of your business.

Skills and Logistics

Finally you will need to demonstrate that you have the skills to manage the company and are capable enough to run a business. In addition you will also have to include some information as a matter of housekeeping, such as any laws you may have to adhere to and how these will affect your business, such as public liability insurance.

By considering all of these points you not only give your potential investors a clear idea of how you plan to proceed with your company, but gives you increased information on the market and whilst lighting the direction in which to take your operation.

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