Kids Health Buoyed By Bouncy Castle Fun

Posted on: June 30, 2011

We all know that bouncy castles are fun, but increasingly bouncy castle hirers and parents are recognising that they are also a great form of exercise. Over the past few years, there are a growing number of companies that are pushing the exercise aspect of their services to parents and local authorities.

For many parents getting their children to exercise is challenging, with television and videogames and an increased demand on schools to fit PE into the daily schedule there are many barriers which prevent children from getting out there and running around. This is where the value of a bouncy castle can be immeasurable, for the children it’s a fun activity, for the parents it’s an excellent way to ensure kids are getting part of their weekly exercise.

According to research children should get around an hour’s exercise every single day, fortunately most children get this from just being kids, running around, playing sports and in general being active. However, there is growing worry that many kids aren’t getting enough exercise; in particular aerobic exercise. Bouncy castles provide precisely this form of exercise, helping children to stay fit and healthy without even realising it.

Increasingly there are reports in the news of higher and higher numbers of overweight children; the current thought is that childhood obesity in the UK is reaching epidemic proportions, with one in three kids now classed as clinically obese on leaving primary school. Of course the reason behind this are complex but undoubtedly a combination of long periods of inactivity (watching television or playing computer games), a lack of physical exercise and poor diet are to blame.

Typically a single child at a birthday party will spend up to an hour bouncing on an inflatable, providing a worthwhile workout in addition to their usual exercise regime. Ultimately healthy kids are happy kids and making a point of this as a bouncy castle hire company can have significant advantages.

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