Bouncy castle hire website ownership – Research, Create, Manage

Posted on: May 23, 2011

Previously we have looked at the importance of having a website and why it has become a vital element in any modern business. But knowing you need a website and knowing how to use one are entirely different, hopefully the following guide on creating and managing your own website will provide a good starting point for those beginning an online journey.

Stage 1: Research

The first stage of creating your website is to research precisely what your competitors are doing; look at various aspects of their websites including the structure of the pages, the type of information presented by each and of course the designs used. During this research phase take notes of what seems to work and you would feel comfortable with, using this information to form your own thoughts on how your website may eventually look. At this stage consider your own digital image, it should be in line with your other marketing material to ensure uniformity.

Stage 2: Creation

In the past creating websites was immensely difficult, requiring immense technical knowledge and in many cases the ability to speak a different language. Today there are many resources out there that allow you to create a website easily by using templates with a distinctive look and feel. Whilst these are easy to use it should be remembered that the results gained from these template resources will rarely look as good as the work of a professional web designer, however, these services will cost you money.

You will also need to ‘buy a domain’. This domain is in the URL address bar you will be able to see at the top of your browser, they can be bought from registrar website. Choose your URL wisely; many will already be taken so you may have to be creative if you want to find one that is distinctive.

Stage 3: Management

There are certain principles of managing your website although the most important has to be to ensure that the information on your website is up to date. If you change your phone number, update your website, if you discontinue a product, update your website, if you change your prices update your website; for a customer there is nothing more frustrating than finding something online only to be let down on phoning the business.

Attracting business should also be a consideration. Google today is the way many people choose to find services and as such being prominent within Google is essential. One of the most beneficial ways to be visible in Google is to utilise Google Business Listings, these are local area listings that are returned when an internet user enters a location based search i.e. Bouncy Castles in Essex. By including yourself in these you should be returned for such searches, with your location placed on a map. Another element to consider is in your choice of URL, placing a location within it may help your site to be visible.

These 3 stages should put you on the right track to having an effective website that complements your business strategy. Ultimately if you take the time to research the competition, make a website that stands out from the crowd and can be found by potential customers it should provide a valuable and lucrative revenue stream.

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excellent advice utilising goole effectively can double the amount of business you get we no longer advertise in yellow pages and our company doubled in size and turnover during the resession

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