Why Your Bouncy Castle Business Needs a Website

Posted on: May 20, 2011

So far we have spent a great deal of time looking at business cards, leaflets and other forms of promotional material. However these elements can all be deemed as traditional methods of communicating with your customers, neglecting the fact that any business worth its salt now requires a presence on the internet to ensure reaches the widest audience possible.

The internet is rapidly becoming one of the most important platforms for commerce and trade. In the past businesses relied upon traditional advertising and the telephone, today a website offers the opportunity to present potential customers with detailed product information and a means of contact, be it email, instant message or telephone.

As such it is foolhardy not to consider the internet in your business strategy. A website should be fundamental to the success of your bouncy castle business, offering you the chance to promote your services across the online domain.

Knowing what information to place on your website is also important. Much like your other business literature considering what to place on your website requires careful consideration. Whilst in printed literature you are often trying to avoid too much detail, instead promoting your contact details and services; a website allows you to show customers aspects of your business in greater detail.

For instance, as a bouncy castle business you are likely to have multiple inflatables. A website is the perfect opportunity to give details of each of your bouncy castles, including photographs, so customers can see the designs and also videos, showing the inflatable in use. This multimedia should be combined with detailed written content on the specifications for the inflatable.

As well as product information your website should include your contact details, not just as a single page but to have them visible on every page, ensuring that if a customer needs to find your phone number in a hurry, they will not have to root around the entire website to find it. Whilst not essential it can also be prudent to place other information such as terms and conditions, operational instructions and even safety advice or pricing.

Without a website you run the risk on missing out on what is a significant channel for additional bookings, get your website right and you are creating yet another resource in which to secure business and increase your profitability.

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