Peak Season is Rapidly Approaching

Posted on: May 6, 2011

From our contacts in the play inflatables industry we have been told time and time again that the double bank holiday weekend, including the royal wedding was a fantastic time for many bouncy castle hire businesses. Many have informed us of record breaking hire numbers in the early stages of May, huge demand for bouncy castles and for many businesses, a fantastic start to the 2011 peak season.

The reason why so many have been successful during the royal wedding weekend was probably due to the massive number of street parties and events held over the 4 days, but it does raise a point for any bouncy castle hire business, and that is to ensure that you plan ahead for special events and are always, ALWAYS, prepared for bank holidays.

By now you should be well underway in your preparations for the coming high season if not completely ready. The summer months are the busiest time for any bouncy castle hire business and taking advantage of bank holidays and also the school holidays is only a small part of having a successful and profitable season.

One of the best ways to secure business at these times is to keep up to date with the local community, reading notice boards and local papers to see if there are any upcoming events such as church and school fetes, fundraisers for youth groups or summer and village fairs. By having this knowledge you can offer your services quickly and secure bookings at events which will not only be money-spinners, but will provide an important opportunity to network, distribute your flyers and business cards.

As the peak season approaches it pays to be well informed and to be as busy as possible, having a busy summer will make the winter that little bit easier.

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