Designing Your Company Logo

Posted on: April 18, 2011

If you are going to produce company literature or even create a website, it is essential to have a company logo. This is a fundamental step within any company’s development and the choices you make in regards to your logo can directly affect your bookings and the future success of your business.

In the modern world branding and logos are everywhere, your company logo has to stand out from the crowd and show everyone that your bouncy castle business more fun, more exciting and more professional than your competitors.

When designing your logo it is important to choose a suitable font and image. For example, Century Gothic is unlikely to be the perfect font for your bouncy castle business; that is unless you are marketing along the lines of knights and castles. The same applies to images; a picture of an apple is unlikely to be suitable for your logo, unless of course you are called Apple Inflatables.

All good logos are simple; large corporations such as WWF, McDonalds and Orange all have very clear and bold logos, which are simple yet effective, blending images and fonts seamlessly. Naturally these companies have invested a great deal of time and money into their logos, but with a little thought it is possible to design a logo that is fit for purpose, clear and attractive.

This highlights the final point, and that is to make sure your logo is unique and recognisable. An individual logo is essential if people are going to recognise your business. Subsequently selecting something from Clip Art is inadvisable, if you can, design your own, or if you’re not that artistic, get someone to else to do it for you.
Helpful Pointers:

  • When designing your logo research what is out there already and then find something that is unique to your business but also in line with what people expect from a bouncy castle hire company.
  • Design your logo in black and white first and then transfer to colour. This will also ensure that it can be faxed or photocopied without excessive distortion,
  • In regards to colours go for those which are cheap to print but will not sacrifice a bold, visible appeal. Remember that colours look different in print than they do on your computer.
  • Ensure your company name is clear and in an easily readable font, also test the logo in various sizes to reflect how it may be used in the future.
  • Let the logo settle for a week before deciding to use it, it should be just as good after a week as it was when you first penned it.

The right logo will enhance your company image, will increase familiarity of your services and will also mean potential customers remember you. As such, taking your time over the design of your company is a fundamental process in the development of your business, your logo is the first impression and subsequently it is vital that it counts.

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Great advice, thanks.

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