What Information to Include in your Business Literature

Posted on: April 15, 2011

In this modern age of the internet, text messages and email it is very easy to forget about more standard methods of advertising. The good old fashioned leaflet, flyer and poster remain excellent ways to advertise your services and should form part of your marketing strategy.

Printing your own company literature however is expensive and the last thing you want is to print 1000 fliers for them to be useless. Hopefully the following will point out some of the more important factors you can include in your fliers, posters or leaflets.

The first step is to decide what you want your flyer to say, any company literature should have a purpose and whilst it is normally just to raise awareness it could be combined with a coupon or a discount. Whilst drawing the attention of the reader for a primary purpose is a prerequisite, finding secondary purposes for the flyer can also be worthwhile.

Naturally any flyer design you choose must display the logo of the business and also the contact details. The contact details should be easy to read and prominent to ensure that readers can find your number of website address easily.

Think of a good headline, no one wants to read a flyer if the headline is boring and hence taking the time to think of a catchy headline is an essential course of action. Make the flyer memorable and you are making your company image memorable, increasing the chances of a potential customer remembering your services when they need them.

It is typically advisable to include images of your best and most exciting bouncy castles. This will also help to make your literature more memorable. Other design considerations are your font, try to find a font that is clear and easy to read, a handwriting-style font may look great on your computer, but could be hard to read once printed.

As a way to drum up an increase in bookings you may want to offer a discount with the flyer, this once again will make it memorable and will give customers a reason to use your company over and above others. If a discount isn’t possible, include the rates of hire, particularly if you are cheaper than many of your competitors.

On a final note, whilst it is worth trying to work in as much as possible into your flyer, it is important that you do not overcomplicate your flyer. Too much information can lead to confusion and will detract from the core message of the literature.

In regards to distributions, get your flyer underneath as many noses as possible, take a bundle with you to each and every booking you take and give them out to everyone involved,. Another good way to distribute is to place them in shops (with permission) or in community venues. A final tip is to pay for their inclusion within a local paper, whilst this will set you back financially, if the increase in bookings is sufficient, the outlay is wholly worthwhile. Naturally before you start printing, proof read, proof read and proof read, the last thing you want is a flyer full of typos.

Hopefully the preceding information has provided you with effective advice on how to make a flyer for your bouncy castle hire business. Take your time and pay attention to the details, then it should be possible to construct company literature that grabs attention, is memorable and drives business.

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