Why Your Telephone Manner is Important to Your Bouncy Castle Business

Posted on: March 18, 2011

As a bouncy castle hire business owner it is likely that you will take many of your bookings over the phone. Even if you are the epitome of bubbly energy in person however, it is vital that you bring this energy to your telephone conversations. Being polite and having manners costs nothing, but if you fail to treat your potential customers with respect, you could be harming your business’ growth and prosperity.

Many of these telephone manner tips may sound obvious but it is remarkable how many people fail to do these small things, which add up to make a big difference.

  • Always try to answer the phone as quickly as possible; unless you answer quickly you are causing frustration for the potential client before you have even answered the phone.
  • When you answer the phone be sure to answer it in a friendly, happy manner, it can help to physically smile when on the phone as this has a habit of transferring through to your tone of voice.
  • When talking be pleasant and helpful, if responding to a request for a booking try to be as accommodating as possible. Remember even if you cannot do the booking it is worth being as nice as possible as the customer may have other children or friends that could require a bouncy castle in the future.
  • You should never speak to customers whilst eating or drinking, this portrays an unprofessional attitude which may be applied to your service. If you are busy at the time of the phone call, answer it promptly and inform the person on the other end that you will return their phone as soon as possible, taking their name and number for reference.
  • If you miss a call, are left a voicemail message or have told someone you call them back do so as soon as it is convenient. Remember that this person will be waiting for the call to find out whether it is possible to make a booking. As a side point, if you are going to return a call, ensure that it is at a reasonable hour, typically between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm (9:00pm at the latest).
  • When saying goodbye ensure that you have all of the details you need for the booking, informing the customer that you will see them on the date of the booking, or call them beforehand to double-check the details, this helps to reassure the customer.

By following these tips and being conscious of your telephone manner at all times you should be able to provide a professional and polite service to your customers. Remember that even if you cannot take a booking and the client will not be using your service, it is worth being friendly and helpful, word of mouth spreads fast and if you build a reputation for speaking to customers rudely, this could cause serious harm to your business.

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