Bouncy Castle Design and Manufacturing Best Practices

Posted on: March 11, 2011

As with many industries there are a number of specific regulations that relate to the design and manufacturing of bouncy castles and other inflatables which if met should ensure that the inflatable is safe for use.

Best practices have been developed to help companies not only manufacture safe products but also for bouncy castle hire companies to choose the right stock. This post will explore some of these best practices:

Bouncy Castle Design

Bouncy castle designers should ensure that there are no elements of the design that are sharp and capable of causing harm to users. The design should also eliminate any points which could cause users to become trapped, such as where the walls meet the mat of the inflatable. In specific regard to bouncy castles, it is important that any new castles have high and strong outside walls that will prevent users from falling or bouncing over the side, understandably this means making walls for adult bouncy castles significantly higher than those for children’s bouncy castles.

More logistical considerations include giving the inflatable a carefully calculated maximum capacity, ensuring that the inflatable can be deflated quickly enough for safe evacuations and also incorporating anchorage points so that the structure will be safe for exterior use. Designers should also bear in mind that the inflatable may be misused and should allow for this misuse in the design, whilst retaining safety.

Bouncy Castle Manufacture

The first and most important best practice in the manufacture of bouncy castles is to ensure that the inflatable is made using certified materials that are capable of withstanding pressures of use without bursting or tearing. Furthermore the fabrics should also be flame resistant and when bonding fabrics, adhesives and threads should be equal in strength to the fabric being used.

In enclosed inflatables, zips and netting should not create hazards for users and any internal decorations or windows should be created within the inflatable so that they are of similar strength. It may sound obvious but highly toxic materials or chemicals should not be prevalent in the manufacturing process.

These best practices make up just a small element within the full regulations that make up British Standards. They do however set out the importance of understanding that quality is a fundamental element in the process of buying an inflatable.

1 Response to "Bouncy Castle Design and Manufacturing Best Practices"

Safety for all participants on our inflatables is our #1 goal.
Well done for bringing up some great points on this.

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