Things to Avoid when Starting a Bouncy Castle Hire Business

Posted on: February 22, 2011

So far we have studied at length the considerations you should make and actions you should take when starting a bouncy castle hire business. However, whilst we have given pointers as to where to invest your time it is equally important to understand what to avoid in your journey towards owning a bouncy castle empire.

A regularly highlighted point here on Bouncy Castles UK is that unless you have a proper business plan or strategy there is very little point in starting a company. Unfortunately succeeding in business takes a little more than just raw enthusiasm and energy; fundamentally you need to think about your business strategically to succeed.

Another easy trap to fall into when starting a bouncy castle hire business is to expect success too early on. Essentially your bouncy castle business should remain a side project up until the point that it is consistently generating enough revenue to support your lifestyle. Interestingly, it is this point in the process that start ups find the hardest, finding the balance can be very difficult.

Just focussing on one type of bouncy castle can also be a mistake. Offering a diverse range of products is one of the best ways you can increase the revenue of your business. Most companies will offer the regular size castle perfect for children’s parties but by offering inflatable sports games and activities as well as adult bouncy castles and slides you are opening up different markets in which to offer your services. Take care however, you must not over invest in stock and as a rule it is always worth buying high quality equipment that comes from a reputable retailer.

Being polite at all times may sound obvious but the last thing you want as a business owner is to build a reputation as “the surly bouncy castle guy”. In the end a lack of politeness will lead to a poor reputation which in turn can lead to fewer bookings. For something that doesn’t actually cost you anything, it is worth ensuring that you are smiley and bubbly at all times, although especially when dealing with customers.

When starting a bouncy castle hire business it is often the case that the owner has no experience with hiring and managing staff. First and foremost you need to be able to recognise when new staff are needed, you should be earning enough for any expenditure to be warranted. Additionally you should hire people on their professional ability rather than purely on personality (although an element on personality should be included in the decision). Ultimately it is important to recognise when an employee may be underperforming and if this continues over time being able to let them go, however horrible this may be, is essential.

These are some of the most common mistakes made by bouncy castle business owners, particularly when starting out. In time, lessons are rapidly learnt, but having the right approach from the outset, one that combines professionalism, enthusiasm and logic should maximise the opportunity for your business.

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