Discovering Other Markets – Catering for Adults

Posted on: February 15, 2011

Whilst the bread and butter of any bouncy castle hire business is children’s birthday parties and other events aimed at the younger sections of society, as a business owner it can be worthwhile finding other markets in which to secure bookings.

One of the ways to do this is for your bouncy castle hire business to cater for adults, particularly if the children’s bouncy castle market in your area is highly competitive. However, just like children, hiring your inflatables out to adult parties will require special considerations if it is to be a successful venture.

The first major consideration will be your equipment, whilst we have frequently stated that a 12×12 foot castle will be suitable for most bookings, for adults it can be worth investing in a larger inflatable. For a conventional A-frame bouncer then a size of 15×18 foot can be more appropriate, particularly as the walls on these larger bouncy castles are higher, making them much safer for adult users. This also applies to other types of inflatable; in general adult usage will mean a larger sized inflatable that has been strengthened to cope with the additional weights and pressure caused by adults.

Where to market your larger, adult bouncy castles is also an important consideration. Naturally adult birthday parties will be worth investigating but it may also be worth thinking about corporate events such as annual business parties or fundraisers. Another lucrative market can be with students, marketing your adult bouncy castles for the regular student events held throughout the year.

Naturally safety should form an equally large consideration with adults and in many cases you will have to be more diligent with adult users. Drinks and particular glasses and bottles should never be allowed onto the inflatable and as always it is essential to have a responsible supervisor at all times. If the event has a mixture of children and adults it can be advisable to separate them into two groups as the weight differences between kids and fully grown adults can be significant and result in serious injuries.

Essentially catering for adults with your bouncy castle hire business is not a huge step to take. Whilst there may be some additional investment in the form of larger, stronger equipment your normal conscientious attitude to performing a professional service and ensuring the safety of your customers still applies. With the right approach, the adult inflatable market can be a lucrative and successful business strategy.

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