Bounce & Slides – A Good Choice for 2011?

Posted on: February 10, 2011

Diversifying your product offering is a big element in running a successful bouncy castle business. Naturally expansion should only be carried out when the capital is there to be exploited, but before the season starts there is significant opportunity to find new ways and means of securing larger numbers of bookings.

A popular type of inflatable last year was the inflatable ‘bounce & slide’. According to some of our sources in the bouncy castle manufacturing industry many of these types were sold out before the end of 2010, standing testament to their current growth in popularity.

Whilst the old 12×12 foot A-frame may be your main breadwinner it still pays to have some variety in your range. The ‘bounce & slide’ offers just that, essentially it is regular bouncer that typically uses  solid foam steps which the children can climb, before sliding down the inflatable element only to repeat for the entire party.

The benefit of the ‘bounce & slide’ is that it creates some objective for the bouncing fun, particularly for younger children that see each climb and every descent as a challenge. They are also great for parents as both the entrance and exit face the same way so they can always see their children.

Naturally safety is a concern so it is important to look for a ‘bounce & slide’ that has a rain cover as wet angular surfaces can be highly dangerous. The slide element should also have high walls to ensure there are no fallers. As an additional safety measure it can be worth obtaining some safety mats around the slide to ensure that any tumblers do not hurt themselves.

A ‘bounce & slide’ also usually allows bouncy castle businesses to charge more for each hire. In terms of size it is similar to that of a 12×12 and as such can still fit in most back gardens, although interior events may have to have a higher roof.

Naturally whenever buying your equipment it is important to purchase from a reputable supplier that holds quality as paramount. The quality of your ‘bounce & slide’ will determine its lifetime and hence should be a major consideration. With such an item in your product offering your business is giving more options to customers, which can help enormously in building a loyal customer base and increasing your number of bookings.

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