Getting Your Bouncy Castle Business Prepared for 2011 Part 2

Posted on: February 7, 2011

Whilst it is important to strategise for the year ahead and identify where it may be possible to expand your bouncy castle hire service, it is equally important to ensure that your current stock is in good working order for the coming 12 months.

As it is getting warmer it is likely that the number of bookings you receive will increase. This makes the early part of the year massively important for any bouncy castle hire business owner. Now is the time to start removing your inflatables from their winter hibernation, a process that involves careful checking and assessment of your stock.

When assessing your inflatable the most important elements to look for is any rips or tears in the PVC, both the bouncy castle bed and its walls. Being thorough, meaning that checking every aspect of the inflatable (including the base) is vital. As well as the actual PVC it is also prudent to check any of the stitching to assess whether it is pulling apart in any areas.

A frequent problem for bouncy castle owners as they pull their stock from its winter hibernation is damp; this will normally manifest itself through grey patches on the inflatable but will also be noticeable by the smell. If your bouncy castle is damp then airing it on a sunny, warm day and giving it a thorough clean should help. Damp can be avoided by storing your bouncy castle off the ground on pallets as this allows air to circulate around the inflatable whilst it is hibernating.

If you happen to find any damage there are a number of actions you can take. You can try and repair the inflatable yourself using a repair kit although alternatively you can instruct a professional company to undertake the task. Even if your bouncy castle isn’t damaged it can be worth taking your inflatable for an ‘MOT’ with a professional company, to ensure that it is ready for use as the season begins.

Ensuring your stock is in tip top condition is an important consideration for any bouncy castle hire business. If your stock is damaged or damp then this will be noticed by your customers and it is surprising how fast a negative impression can spread, severely affecting your bookings. The best course of action is to have inflatables that are clean and repaired, ready for the busy year ahead.

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Nice tips, thanks

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