Getting Your Bouncy Castle Business Prepared for 2011 Part 1

Posted on: February 3, 2011

With the festivities of Christmas and New Year a distant memory February is the perfect time of year to start thinking about not only your business plans for the next 12 months but also time to check over your stock to ensure that it will be ready for use once the weather improves and the days get longer.

Putting together a business strategy for the next year is vitally important; you may want to think about expanding your range. If this is the case then taking a look at your bookings from last year and working out which of your bouncy castles or inflatables were most popular is the best course of action. By identifying which of your products were popular, and naturally which generated the most income throughout 2010, you are gaining valuable information into what type of castle or inflatable it may be worth investing in 2011.

Buying another bouncy castle is the best way to improve the success of your business. If you found at times last year you had to turn down bookings for some inflatables (because you did not have it in stock) then investing in a similar or matching inflatable is sure to increase your capacity to take more bookings and make your business more profitable.

It is also worth thinking about themed castles. There are both boys and girls themed inflatables on the market today, although a shrewd investment for your bouncy castle business would be a unisex themed inflatable, as this will be able to cater for everyone. Having spoken with our contacts in the bouncy castle industry we have identified both Jungle and Undersea themes as popular during 2010, a trend which may continue this year.

Finally, for those that want to take a little more of a risk it could be worth taking your bouncy castle hire business in a different direction. For example if you have traditionally catered for children’s parties with the standard 12 by 12 foot bouncy castle it may be worth investing in something a little different, perhaps an inflatable slide or an adult bouncy castle. Naturally a purchase such as this should only ever be made after a carefully considered research process to identify whether there is a gap in the market for such products.

As a bouncy castle hire business owner it is important to make the most of the quiet times, by formulating a strategy for 2011 and identifying how you plan to expand your business in the next twelve months you are giving your company the best chance of having a successful and profitable 2011.

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