Diversifying Your Business – It’s Not Just about Bouncy Castles

Posted on: January 19, 2011

In previous posts the subject of equipment has been studied. The general advice has been for those just starting a bouncy castle business that a 12×12 foot castle is a good option due to its sensible size for the majority of parties and events. However, whilst this will leave you in good stead to build your business, if you are successful you will soon want to expand your offering, fortunately there are a large number of different inflatables out there that can set your business apart from others.

Diversifying your product offering should be a strategy once you have proven a successful business model and you are becoming limited by your existing resources. There are an number of ways to do this; one way to diversify is to stick with A-Frame bouncy castles but offer a range of different sizes, smaller models could be a good option for indoor areas whilst larger items, such as A 15 X 18 foot bouncer are perfect for adult parties. By expanding your range of traditional bouncy castles you increase your capacity for taking bookings and can subsequently generate greater revenue.

The other way to expand your product offering and diversify your business is to look at other inflatables. Fun runs and obstacle courses are rapidly becoming popular and depending on their size can be suitable for both children’s and adult’s parties. If you are planning on frequently using your inflatables at outside events then inflatable slides are another good option, once again there are different sizes available on the market which will define whether you use them for large events or for garden parties.

Finally are the sports/games type inflatables. This type of inflatable has grown massively in popularity in recent years by appealing to people’s competitive nature. In addition, purchasing one of these types of inflatable can open up completely new markets. For instance, gladiator duelling games and rodeo bull games appeal top adult audiences whilst the bungee run has become a common sight at many different fetes and festivals.

This post has only scratched the surface of the types of inflatables available on the market. Essentially as your business grows it is worth investigating where and how new inflatable products could make an impact and also how they could help to generate bookings and improve revenue.

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