Essential Equipment for your Bouncy Castle Hire Business

Posted on: January 12, 2011

Running a successful bouncy castle hire business is careful balance of expenditure, on advertising, equipment or other overheads and of course securing enough bookings to ensure profitability. One of the most important elements is to make sure that from the beginning you have the correct equipment.

When starting your business there are a number of essential items worth buying that will help you begin your operation efficiently but also will ease administrative functions. These items include:

  • A Bouncy Castle: Obviously you will need to buy a bouncy castle, whilst we will cover the obtaining of inflatable equipment in a later post, suffice to say that when buying your first bouncy castle a 12 foot by 12 foot castle is a good starting size as this will fit in most gardens and is also a good size for most parties. Additionally, ensure that when you buy your inflatables purchase from a reputable dealer that stocks only high quality items.
  • You will also need to acquire an electric blower as this will provide the air that inflates your castle. Electric blowers have numerous advantages including less noise output and lower weight although if you are planning on hiring to more remote locations –perhaps a field where a fete may be held, then a petrol blower may also be a wise investment.
  • Accessories such as a ground sheet that will help to protect the underside of your bouncer and a rain cover will help you to operate throughout the famous British summer. In addition, a repair kit is a worthwhile purchase (if one doesn’t come with your bouncer anyway). These items will help to protect your investment, helping you to make the most of your expenditure. Other accessories include a lengthy extension cable and also a circuit breaker for the electric blower and a trolley to help you move equipment around without straining your back.
  • Safety equipment is also a must when starting your bouncy castle hires business. As such safety mats for the entrance to the inflatable should be acquired and naturally anchoring equipment such as stakes or sandbags are essential. On the subject of safety, it is also advisable to obtain public liability insurance to a minimum of £1million and create customer disclaimer paperwork.
  • Finally for administrative purposes a ledger and also a bookings diary are both vital purchases to help you organise bookings and accounts. For those in the digital age spreadsheet software can also be used. Finally to ensure you can find your way to various bookings a satellite navigation system or high quality local street directory should prevent you from being late or getting lost.

With these items you should have everything you need to start your bouncy castle hire business. In later posts we will highlight some of the key points you should look for in inflatables and also cover the subject of safety in more detail.

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