How to Advertise Your Bouncy Castle Business

Posted on: January 10, 2011

Regular readers will be aware of our ongoing series of blogs dedicated to the subject of starting a bouncy castle business. So far we have covered a range of topics, from the importance of researching the market in your local area to choosing the perfect name for your company. Before we delve into the subject of obtaining the right equipment for your bouncy castle company however it is important to study how to drum up business and make the most of advertising opportunities, after all, if no one is aware of your service, how will people book your bouncy castles?

It is a fortunate fact for bouncy castles businesses that children are born every single day and will celebrate a birthday at least once every twelve months.  As such children’s parties will certainly make up a large proportion of your business. Whilst birthday parties may be the bread and butter solution, an entrepreneur should look for other places in which to offer bouncy castles; local fetes, fairs and events are the ideal place to have a bouncy castle and those willing to cater for older audiences may even want to think about advertising for wedding receptions and other events.

When you are first starting to promote your bouncy castle business a major strategy should be to spread the word as far and wide as possible. Tell any friends and family, particularly those with small children about your new enterprise. It can even be worth offering a discount to these initial customers as every event you undertake you have the opportunity to further promote yourself to the parents of children at the party.

Word of mouth is just one way to attract new business, traditional techniques such as placing an advert in the local paper and ensuring that your company is included in business directories such as the Thomson Local or Yellow Pages is essential. It is in these publications where your choice of name will be vitally important in helping to attract business; so choose wisely.

There are other places in which it can be prudent to advertise your bouncy castle business, of course shop windows and community centres are prime spots in which to place a card but it may also be worth speaking to managers of pubs, youth group leaders and other venues personally and assessing whether they would be willing to use your company as their first choice if a party or event is taking place.

In the modern world a website that has business listings within search engines is also a sensible advertising technique. There are many people that use the internet to search for services and by not having a website to attract online business you are neglecting a significant revenue stream.

With knowledge of how to advertise your bouncy castle business so that the greatest profits can be achieved, acquiring the right equipment is the next important step towards owning a successful bouncy castle business.

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