Sand bags as anchor points for bouncy castles

Posted on: December 22, 2010

Bouncy castles can be used in many different places and there are times where the steel stakes that usually secure bouncy castles to the ground just simply cannot be used.   It is very important from a safety aspect that any bouncy castle is firmly held in place wherever it is and when used indoors the use of ‘sand bags’ is an extremely popular method.

Where sandbags are used for anchoring bouncy castles it is imperative that the customer who has hired the bouncy castle and also any responsible person in attendance; including the owner or manager of the venue where the bouncy castle is being used, is made aware of the method of anchorage being ‘sand bags’.  This knowledge will also ensure that children do not trip over the sand bags.

Most sand bags are made by bouncy castle manufacturers and can be purchased when the inflatables are initially bought.  Some of the best sand bags have metal carabiner clips to securely attach them to the d-rings of the anchor points which will prevent them coming undone whilst the bouncy castle is in use.

It is important for all bouncy castle hirers to ensure that where sand bags are to be used the staff members who may be setting up the bouncy castle are trained in safe and correct techniques for heavy lifting as according to legislation it is advised that 163kgs is to be used per anchor point.

Another important point to bear in mind when transporting bouncy castles to indoor venues or places of hard standing the loading of the vehicle has to be even in weight distribution and again training should be given to any staff that will assist when delivering a bouncy castle.

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