Choosing a Bouncy Castle Hire Company Name

Posted on: December 15, 2010

As previously alluded to, here at Bouncy Castles UK we are going to present some of the key considerations needed when setting up and running a bouncy castle hire business. Naturally having an effective name for your bouncy castle business is essential, if customers are going to find and recognise the service you provide.

Key considerations for choosing a bouncy castle company name include:

  • Researching the existing names within your local area. Understandably you will want to have a company name that is different from anything else in your vicinity, if you have a similar, or identical name to a competitor there is a large chance that you will not stand out from the crowd and make yourself memorable to customers.
  • Any business name should have a memorable element, ideally it should roll off the tongue so that if your previous customers are sharing their positive experiences, they will be able to remember, and recommend your services. Part of making a name memorable is to keep it short, easy to spell and also include a little character.
  • Naturally any business name should give some idea of what the company does. Whilst completely abstract names may be memorable, it is only by having a connotation with bouncy castles that it is likely that people will find your business and be inclined to use it.
  • Many bouncy castle companies have cottoned on to this tactic. Considering the alphabet can be sensible as the majority of offline and online directories, such as the local business listings will be in alphabetical order. Subsequently it is good advice to avoid starting your bouncy castle business name with a ‘Z’ as this will always appear last in lists. Ultimately you want your company to appear as high up the listings as possible to attract the most business.
  • Another tactic to help secure more business is to take the name of your local area and use this followed by ‘bouncy castle’ or another related word. This tactic can add a sense of establishment to your business, making it seem like a business that has been present in the marketplace for some time. An added benefit is a locality related name for your business has a better chance of showing up in internet searches, especially when someone is searching for a bouncy castle hirer near to their location. Obviously it is worth checking that this has not been done already by a competitor in accordance with the first consideration.
  • Finally choose a name that you will be able to live with, ultimately it is your company and you want to have a sense of ownership over it.

Hopefully the preceding information has given some key pointers to the process of choosing a business name. Of course, once you have chosen your name it is time to find potential business and advertise.

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